Lovely Las Vegas Food: Recess Italian Ice & Dessert

We finally made our way to Recess Italian Ice & Dessert shop. With all those uber-irrestible fish cone ice cream cameos on Instagram, what were we waiting for?

See Recess nestled between these two restaurants (Kuisine ni Lorraine and Good Fella)?
Address: Crossroads Plaza, Ste 104, 5035 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89148

And here we are inching a little closer, full of more and more anticipation as we approach the door.

See, we are already swooning with love as we *kinda* patiently await our sweet treats. Hehe. ; ) 

Likin' this Ways to My Heart instructional on the wall: 

Lots of ogling of yumminess as people wait for their desserts.

Aren't the colorful spoons and mason-style jars cute? 

And look at this rainbow delight of colors to choose from! 

Here is our creation #1. Creamsicle... menu has it has vanilla custard with orange Italian ice however when we arrived late in the afternoon, vanilla custard was all gone for the day so we got to choose between chocolate or green tea. My little one obviously (as per below) made the choice of chocolate ... plus requested the special add-on of squiggly wiggly gummy worms. 

This Recess in Session sign is so perfect with summer break just around the corner! 
Are our brains *and hearts* already on recess? 

We went with the medium size as evidenced by below (the blue hue on the hands of the model here are a mishaps with paint in the AM - undiluted paints that my guys found... and which they lovingly painted allover each other ... and that got all over our tiles... fun story... the paint finally came out that evening with a crazy amount of scrubbing). 

Creation #2 is the almond joy with chocolate custard, coconut Italian ice, and with almonds, coconut and chocolate sauce adding flavor on top. 

Moral of this Memorial Day weekend story. 
As soon as possible, go grab some delicious Italian ice / creamy custard combinations (AKA: "eat right" by your heart & soul) and feel amazing. The yummy end (until we return, again).  

With lots of love from Las Vegas, 


Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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