Lovely Las Vegas Travels: Cassie Secondhand Fashion Brand, Taipei, Taiwan

I had walked past Cassie Cassie Secondhand Fashion Brand with much intrigue before making my way inside (since I always walked passed it in the early AM before it had opened). Being a big fan of secondhand / thrift store shopping in Las Vegas (Buffalo Exchange, Catholic Charities, Faith Lutheran thrift store, Savers, Goodwill, all the great children consignment stores!), I enjoy checking out the thrift store scene in other locals, especially while abroad (a  favorite shirt and  two pants of mine  came from a Goodwill in Oslo, Norway! 🇳🇴) So it was an exciting prospect to visit a shop in Taipei, Taiwan, Yongkang Jie area.

Walking down the narrow staircase to the B1 (basement 1) level store, I saw many cute bags and shoes before getting a view of the main store area. Packed inside the larger B1 space was an amazing assortment and variety of clothes (women's, men's & children's), shoes, bags and homestuff.

Having a preschooler who is only wanting to wear long sleeves shirts and long pants while in Taipei (during the hot and humid summer) ... whereas I had only packed one long sleeve shirt for him, more kid sized long sleeved shirts were on my shopping wishlist. Thankfully I found two perfect shirts for my little alternate weather fashionista. I didn't really pay attention to the brands until we arrived home and was surprised to discover them to be Janie and Jack for the button down (same brand as the fancy and super adorable shop at the District in lovely Henderson, Nevada) and the Gap (for the cute vintage vibe boxing logo long sleeve shirt).

I also came away with a cute necklace and a fun cacti linen tank top for me. : )

Another lovely aspect of this shop (in addition to the green goodness of it offering a wonderful assortment of previously used items) was the friendly shopkeeper. She was very kind and made a connection with my two year old, even gifting him a little toy race car. ❤️ We learned from her that this shop has been open for 15 years. We plan to return to browse the rows and perhaps come away with other " new to us" treasures.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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